About Us


About Us

Founded in 2010 as an ISO and CE certified hospital disposable and professional hygiene Products Company. We are proud to produce many of the products you use every day in a variety of market segments. We offer wet and dry wipes in a wide range of non-woven substrates from environmentally friendly biodegradable options through to more economically priced substrates, all of which give our customers the best possible choice.

Our quality wipes are packed in flow packs in a range of film materials and finishes depending on customer preference. We have a remarkable production line, specializing in the R&D and manufacture of a wide variety of skin and health care consumer products. We actively manage and build our portfolio of high quality commodities and services.

Best Products with Competitive Price

We do everything to help our clients with best products and competitive price who can get profits on the easiest and quickest way. With our substantial experience in the export process, we aim to be the long-lasting and reliable business partner of our customers.


The company will fulfill domestic and global demands for high quality, Indian-made wipe products while tirelessly pursuing new growth opportunities, with its customers to bring uniquely innovative ideas to fruition, making life better and more enjoyable.


We understand that you have many choices of suppliers. As you plan your next project or seek out and qualify new partners, consider the following credentials of our business. From individually sealed wipes to disposable and compostable products, we produces a variety of counts, closures and package configurations to meet the requirements of our consumers.


We strongly believe that it is each and every company’s responsibility to improve the quality of our lives — while improving the livability of our world. Our company has been implementing conscious and meaningful changes to make our business more responsible and sustainable.